Useful tools and commands


Tail logs (leave off -f to see all logs):

kubectl logs -n <namespace> -f -c onms pods/onms-core-0

Get a shell:

kubectl exec -it -n <namespace> pods/onms-core-0 -c onms -- /bin/bash

Restart OpenNMS:

kubectl rollout restart -n <namespace> statefulset/onms-core

Stop OpenNMS:

kubectl scale -n <namespace> --replicas=0 statefulset/onms-core

Start OpenNMS:

kubectl scale -n <namespace> --replicas=1 statefulset/onms-core

Inspector pod

You can use this to cleanly shut down OpenNMS but still have a way to edit configuration files, inspect files before a backup or after a restore, and so on.

Enable Inspector pod (shut down OpenNMS):

helm upgrade --reuse-values --set core.inspector.enabled=true <namespace> ./horizon

How to connect:

kubectl exec -it -n <namespace> pods/inspector -- /bin/bash


# Run configuration tester
./bin/config-tester -a

# Forcing the installer to re-run
rm etc/configured

Disable Inspector pod (start OpenNMS):

helm upgrade --reuse-values --set core.inspector.enabled=false <namespace> ./horizon