Migrating Content from Project Wiki

When you identify an article in the OpenNMS wiki whose information should be migrated (either in its entirety, or just individual sections), use the following process.

  1. If you do not already have a wiki account, request one before getting started. Your request must be approved by a wiki admin. If you don’t get approved within a day, send a note to the opennms-devel mailing list or on the OpenNMS Development chat channel.

  2. Create an issue in the project issue tracker, in project NMS. Note the issue number; you will use it below.

  3. After logging in to the wiki, visit the article whose content should be migrated.

  4. Click on the Edit Source link at the top of the article view.

  5. Add text like the following to the top of the article source editor:

{{OfficialDocs | scope=article | guide=admin | issue=NMS-9926 | date=March 2018 | completed=false}}
  • The value of the scope attribute must be either article, if the entire article should be migrated,or section if only specific section(s) should be migrated.

    • When using scope = section, it’s fine to use this template multiple times in a single article.

  • The value of the guide attribute must be one of admin, development, install, or user.

    • If the information in an article should be migrated to multiple official guides, use multiple instances of the \{{OfficialDocs}\} template; try to target these by section when possible.

  • The value of the issue parameter must be a valid issue ID in the project issue tracker, and will become a live link

  • The value of the date parameter should be the month and year when the tag was added, e.g. March 2018.

  • The completed parameter is optional; it is assumed to be false if omitted, or true if its value is either true or yes.

03 officialdocs wiki template source
Figure 1. Wiki source editor with example OfficialDocs template usage
  1. Enter an edit summary such as Tagged for migration to official docs, NMS-12345 and click Show preview

  2. After verifying that your changes render as expected (see image), click Save changes.

04 officialdocs wiki template rendered pending
Figure 2. Rendering of OfficialDocs wiki template on an article pending migration
  1. Migrate the information, making sure to follow the guidelines laid out earlier in this section; do not just copy and paste, and watch out for obsolete information. If you need help, contact the developers through one of the methods mentioned above.

  2. Once the migration is complete and the issue is closed, edit the wiki article again and change completed=false to completed=true.

  3. The rendering of the template will change to indicate that the migration has been completed.

04 officialdocs wiki template rendered completed
Figure 3. Rendering of OfficialDocs wiki template on an article whose migration is completed

Adding the \{{OfficialDocs}\} template to an article will implicitly add that article to a pair of wiki categories:

  • Migration to official docs pending or Migration to official docs completed, according to the value of the completed attribute

  • Migrate to X guide, according to the value of the guide attribute