Operator Board

An operator board helps Network Operations Centers (NOCs) visualize network monitoring information. You can use and arrange customizable dashlets to display different types of information (alarms, availability maps, and so on) on the board. You can also create multiple ops boards and customize them for different user groups.

There are two visualization modes in which you can display dashlets:

  • Ops Panel: displays multiple dashlets on one screen. Useful for displaying information in a centralized location (for example, on a NOC operator’s workstation).

    01 opspanel concept
    Figure 1. Four dashlets on an Ops Panel
  • Ops Board: displays one dashlet at a time, in rotation. Useful for displaying a variety of information that users can view independently (for example, on a wall-mounted screen in a NOC).

    02 opsboard concept
    Figure 2. Four dashlets in rotation on an Ops Board


You must have admin permissions to create and configure ops boards. After you create an ops board, you can specify how the information will be visualized (as a panel or a board).

See Operator board in the Quick Start section for details on creating and customizing ops boards.

To view the ops board, click Dashboards  Ops Board in the menu bar. Depending on the visualization you want to see, select either Ops Panel or Ops Board.


Each dashlet visualizes specific information (for example, unacknowledged alarms). The following sections describe each dashlet and its available configuration parameters.

To filter the information displayed in a dashlet, configure it using a generic criteria builder.