Operator Board

In a network operation center (NOC) you can use the ops board to visualize monitoring information. The monitoring information for various use-cases are arranged in configurable dashlets. To address different user groups it is possible to create multiple ops boards.

There are two visualisation components to display dashlets:

  • Ops Panel: Shows multiple dashlets on one screen, e.g., on a NOC operators workstation

  • Ops Board: Shows one dashlet at a time in rotation, e.g., for a screen wall in a NOC

01 opspanel concept
Figure 1. Concept of dashlets displayed in ps panel
02 opsboard concept
Figure 2. Concept to show dashlets in rotation on the ops board


To create and configure ops boards administration permissions are required. The configuration section is in admin area of Horizon and named ops board Config Web Ui.

03 admin configure opsboard
Figure 3. Navigation to the Ops Board configuration

Create or modify ops boards is described in the following screenshot.

04 add dashlet
Figure 4. Adding a Dashlet to an existing Ops Board
  1. Create a new ops board to organize and arrange different dashlets

  2. The name to identify the ops board

  3. Add a dashlet to show Horizon monitoring information

  4. Show a preview of the whole ops board

  5. List of available dashlets

  6. Priority for this dashlet in ops board rotation, lower priority means it will be displayed more often

  7. Duration in seconds for this dashlet in the ops board rotation

  8. Change Priority if the dashlet is in alert state, this is optional and maybe not available in all dashlets

  9. Change Duration if the dashlet is in alert state, it is optional and maybe not available in all dashlets

  10. Configuration properties for this dashlet

  11. Remove this dashlet from the ops board

  12. Order dashlets for the rotation on the ops board and the tile view in the Ops Panel

  13. Show a preview for the whole ops board

Use the configured ops board by navigating in the main menu to Dashboard → Ops Board.

05 opsboard user
Figure 5. Navigation to use the Ops Board


Visualization of information is implemented in dashlets. The different dashlets are described in this section with all available configuration parameter.

To allow filter information, configure the dashlet with a generic Criteria Builder.