Migrate from the OpenNMS data source plugin

This section describes how to migrate an existing installation of Grafana that uses the OpenNMS Data Source plugin to using HELM to interface with OpenNMS. This section applies only to those still using he OpenNMS Data Source plugin, which was deprecated in 2016.

The tutorial assumes that you have:

  • an instance of Grafana with the OpenNMS Data Source installed.

  • a data source configured with type OpenNMS, and one or more dashboards using the data source.


Both the OpenNMS Data Source plugin and HELM can be installed at the same time while you complete the migration.

If you have not already done so, you may install HELM using your preferred method.

Application Setup

Once HELM is installed, enable the application in Grafana to make the provided panels and data sources available:

  1. Navigate to the home page of your Grafana instance.

  2. Click Configuration>Plugins:

  3. Search for and click on the OpenNMS Helm plugin.

    If the OpenNMS Helm plugin is not listed, try restarting the Grafana server. If the issue persists, make sure the plugin is in the grafana plugins directory (default is var/lib/grafana/plugins).

  4. In the Config tab, click Enable.

    A Disable button indicates the plugin is already enabled.

Migrate Data Sources

Once the HELM application is enabled, you can convert your existing OpenNMS data sources to use the OpenNMS Performance type. When switching the type, you may need to re-enter the URL and authentication details.

HELM provides two data source types. The "OpenNMS Performance" type is equivalent to the previous "OpenNMS" data source.

Verify Dashboards

After you convert the existing data sources to use the new OpenNMS Performance type, check that your existing dashboards render properly.

If you encounter any errors when switching, you can revert to the previous data source type.

Plugin Removal

After you verify that your dashboards continue to work with the new data source, you can remove the previous plugin.

Use the grafana-cli tool to remove the OpenNMS Data Source plugin from the command line:

sudo grafana-cli plugins remove opennms-datasource

Restart Grafana to completely unregister the plugin:

sudo service grafana-server restart