Import a Dashboard

There are a number of official- and community-built OpenNMS dashboards available for import, that display the following:

  • SNMP data collected by Linux hosts

  • Business service availability

  • Cassandra performance

  • Generic UPS statistics

  • Network interfaces

  • And more …​

You can edit these pre-designed dashboards to meet your needs or to learn more about how to build your own dashboards.

To import an existing dashboard, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Grafana dashboards page and search for OpenNMS.

  2. Click on the dashboard you want to import.

  3. Copy the dashboard ID:

    gf community dash

  4. In HELM, click the plus sign in the left menu and choose Import.

  5. In the Import via field, enter the dashboard ID and click Load.

    The Import screen appears.

  6. Change information as desired and click Import.

    You must specify a flow and performance data source.

    The dashboard appears.

  7. Click Dashboards>Manage to view a list of your dashboards.