Monolithic Install

This installation guide describes a monolithic install where we run ALEC as another service within the OpenNMS core:


Common Setup

Start by following the instructions in the common install section if you have not already done so.

Install ALEC

For RHEL or CentOS users, install the package via YUM:

yum -y install opennms-alec-plugin

For Ubuntu or Debian users, the package via APT:

apt install opennms-alec-plugin

Configure the feature set to be installed when OpenNMS starts:

echo 'alec-opennms-standalone wait-for-kar=opennms-alec-plugin' > "$OPENNMS_HOME/etc/featuresBoot.d/alec.boot"

To install the feature set immediately without restarting, login to the OpenNMS Karaf shell and run:

feature:install alec-opennms-standalone
We bundle many common features up together for ease of use, but you can also install these individually if for example, you would like to run using a different engine.


Run the health check again to verify that everything was loaded correctly using the health:check command in the OpenNMS Karaf shell.

You can enumerate the available graphs using:


At this point we expect the command output a single graph called "dbscan":

admin@opennms> opennms-alec:list-graphs
dbscan: 0 situations on 524 vertices and 4 edges.

It’s okay of there are no situations, vertices or edges on the graph at this point.

Continue to Verifying your install for more details.