ALEC Datasources


The ALEC Datasource is responsible for interacting with the monitoring system and providing a feed of alarms, inventory objects and situations. Data sources are also responsible for creating the situations in the monitoring system.

We provide two datasources for integrating with OpenNMS: one for the monolithic deployment and one for the distributed deployment.

Scripted extensions

Inventory Objects may be derived from the incoming stream of alarms, nodes and links.

The mapping of Alarms, Nodes and Links to Inventory Objects is done using a JSR-223 script that allows the user to override or extend the behaviour by modifying or replacing the script.

The default implementation of this mapping can be found in the inventory.groovy script of each bundle:

The included implementation uses the Groovy scripting language.

Ensure to reference the script that corresponds to the same version of ALEC that you are running.

To modify the behaviour of the current implementation, you may begin with one of the scripts above. See the appropriate datasource page for specific configuration and API information.

If replacing the inventory script, your script must use a ScriptingEngine that implements Invocable and your script must be UTF-8 encoded.